The Self Care Stuff Fueling Our Wellness Routine

The best of what skincare, books, supplements, and communities we’re into this month to care for the mind, body, and soul.

This month was filled with both new discoveries and re-discoveries in the name of self care.

Here are the six things we’re really into right now.


1. Be Here Now

This beloved book recounts Ram Dass‘ spiritual awakening as a Harvard professor who became perhaps one of the most important way-showers of the 20th century. This graphic novel accounts the importance of the present, of our place in the world, and the interconnectedness between us. When Ram Dass passed away this December, we were called to re-open the book and take in its timeless lessons.

2. Sober Curious

Ruby Warrington’s book Sober Curious was the catalyst for us taking a deeper look at our relationship with alcohol. She writes it in a relatable, authentic, and inspiring way that motivated us to get on the ‘sober curious’ train. If you’ve been questioning your alcohol consumption or just curious about it in general, pick up a copy – you won’t regret it. 


3. Moon Juice Super Hair

We’ve tried a lot of supplements and vitamins for our hair. We love Moon Juice Super Hair because they’ve taken a completely different approach by targeting our stress response with adaptogens. After all, aren’t we learning everything is related to stress now? This stuff works.

4. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

We’ve been big fans of the this line since we were first introduced last year. Tata’s resurfacing mask has been saving our skin through winter travel, airplanes, and changes in weather across coasts and countries.

5. Lisa Says Gah

Being well comes in many forms – and sometimes that means shopping somewhere you can feel really good about. We’ve just begun digging into this ethically-made brand and its carefully curated collection of independent designers. Launched in 2016, LSG is a new favorite for pieces that feel special and unique without trying too hard. It’s locally designed, based in San Francisco and is the cure for fast fashion.


6. SriMati’s Water Tiger Community

“Well I didn’t quite get to me, as I was trying to access the way of another.”

Self-proclaimed mystic mother and seeker SriMati wants to make sure none of us end up saying these words as we look back on our lives. She created the Water Tiger community to help us all live in the highest expression of our unique selves. Each month she’s sharing a topic and associated healing techniques along with a live Q&A. We just joined and are loving it.

For more on what we’re sharing on this list, be sure to check Episode 08 of This Life Explains It All – a special Q&A show with Stefania & Kat.



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