The Los Angeles Guide For Wellness

Los Angeles is a mecca for self care and wellness. It’s also super spread out and the amount of options can be overwhelming. Through lots of time spent in the City of Angels, we’ve created our short list of the must-try spots when you’re looking to uplevel your wellness routine, heal from the inside out (or vice versa), or simply treat yourself to some self love.

Our favorites here can all be found on LA’s Westside, which means hopping around to each of them over a weekend in town is doable.

The Santa Monica Proper

For: Ayurvedic wellness experiences big and small in a super-chic hotel

The wellness program at this hotel is incredible. They have an exclusive partnership with the renowned Surya Spa – one of the best in the country for immersive Ayurvedic healing experiences. Through the hotel they also offer near-daily open wellness events for guests from healing sound baths, kundalini yoga, chakra clearing, and Ayurvedic workshops. The roof and pool are pretty special, too. 

source: Stefania Romeo

Take Care

For: Holistic facial and body experiences that work from inside out

This collective of esthetic specialists in Venice offer truly unique facials experiences with a holistic approach that can incorporate the healing arts. Get a facial with lifting microcurrent or stem cell treatment and indulge in facial reflexology and craniosacral therapy which supports the body’s capacity for self healing. 

source: Take Care

Ra Ma Institute

For: Strengthening the mind, mental clarity, and upleveled consciousness

Our favorite place for kundalini yoga and meditation practice in LA. Here you’ll find healing workshops, gong sound therapy, mind opening talks and more. Founded by Guru Jagat, one of the youngest senior kundalini teachers in the world, she brings an accessible modern approach to the practice which can be felt throughout the institute. 

source: Ra Ma Institute

Five Sense Collective

For: A multi-sensory wellness experience, customized

Dru and Erin who run Five Sense Collective offer beautiful experiences in sound bath, restorative yoga, meditation and more. They’ll set up private events in their space or yours (perfect if you’re looking to do something special with friends) – and hold ongoing open to the public events throughout each month. We loved the private sound bath ceremony they created for us in a beautifully adorned dome overlooking the pacific ocean. 

source: Five Sence Collective

Osea Studio

For: Glowing, healthy skin sourced from the best the sea has to offer

This tiny, easy-to-miss spot in Venice is an Oasis of our favorite products. This studio is the only Osea-owned space where you can experience the suite of products with treatment options like the cranial wave facial (it will transform your skin and your mood) or lifting gua sha experience. Our last visit got us hooked on the red algae mask, although we love all of Oseas natural and often sea-based products. 

source: Osea


Shaman Durek, sixth generation shaman, a bridge between the physical and spiritual

One could argue that Shaman Durek has single-handedly brought Shamanism into the mainstream. With celeb clients and an immense following through his work in sessions, workshops, and his podcast, he is the absolute real deal. Stefania shares “My work with Shaman Durek healed underlying physical pain no traditional doctor could peg and guided me to come into a greater sense of authenticity and power – in that we all create our own reality, we are not victims of anything, our life isn’t happening to us, nothing is happening to us. We are experiencing life based on the energy and belief systems we are putting into the world.” Based in LA, NY & London, offers distance sessions.

We suggest working with Shaman Durek for: physical ailments, empowerment, anxiety and depression, feeling stuck

Julie Piatt, aka ‘SriMati,’ Divine wayshower, mystic mother, past and ancestral clearings

Julie’s sessions can be best described as “a powerful devotional prayer delivered from a compassionate mother, a clearing of energy residue from past and ancestral trauma and facilitation of empowerment.” Stefania says “after my session with Julie, things started shifting for me – seemingly unprompted. Both professional and personal relationship experiences, some serious something’s-gotta-give shake-ups that led me to make the changes I needed to create a more in-flow life.” Julie has an in-practice philosophy on our life’s relationships through the concept of divine love versus human love. Based in LA and does remote sessions.

We suggest working with Julie aka SriMati for: relationship challenges, life purpose 

Natalia Benson, Empowerment Coach, Language Expert, Astrologer

The Lesson: Our use of language is a powerful tool for creating the reality we want

Natalia defines herself as Modern Mystic – gifted in astrology and empowerment coaching. Kat’s work with her was one of the catalysts for bringing Virra into the world. Kat shares a learning from Natalia, “Our word choices impact our reality. Phrases like ‘I need’ ‘It’s hard’ ‘I’m going to try’ can disempower us from the inside. Be mindful of when you’re using these and ask yourself if there’s another way to think and express it. The difference between saying ‘I am going to try to work on my project this week’ versus “I will complete my project by Friday” does contribute to the outcome.” Based in Los Angeles, offering distance sessions. 

We suggest working with Natalia for: career empowerment, confidence

Not in LA? Be sure to check out our top picks for the self care spots we love in New York, San Francisco, and Sydney and more cities here.



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