The Must-Know Adaptogens And Herbs For Stress Relief and Gut Health

We sat down with Erin Lovell Verinder – an extraordinary herbalist, nutritionist and author. With over 20 years experience in the wellness space, we learned a ton about how physical and emotional issues manifest in the body – and how herbs and plant remedies can help.

Erin shared her recommendations on herbal solutions to help combat mental health challenges, gut health issues, hormonal imbalances, IBS, and more.

We’ve breaking down adaptogens and carminative herbs in this guide – and have included some of our personal favorites, too.

First up, what exactly are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are herbs that help the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological. They’ve been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. “Using adaptogenic herbs can be super helpful to ground in the body and manage stress.” Erin says.

Here are the adaptogens to check out:


For calming the nervous system

Ashwagandha is one of our favorites and we’ve experienced a measurable shift in our ability to remain calm and balanced since incorporating it into our routine. We love putting it in coffee, tea, or a smoothie. We’re big fans of Sun Potion brand – we love that they source their ingredients from small organic farms in Northern India and offer an organic cold-water extract of the Ashwagandha root.

Lion’s Mane

For mental clarity and a more balanced mood

Best taken first thing in the morning, we’ve noticed that it lifts any grogginess and promotes productivity throughout the day. We love Four Sigmatic’s Elixer Mix – the handy individual serving packets make them perfect for travel.

Moon Juice Super Hair

For thicker, stronger, healthier hair – with an adaptogenic approach

We’ve tried a lot of hair supplements and love this one because it’s made a the biggest difference in making our hair stronger and thicker. Moon Juice approaches hair health differently – by targeting stress using adaptogens as ingredients. For women and men.


For help with promoting fertility in women and men

Shatavari is known to balance hormones associated with fertility and increase libido. This is not just for women, it can help men’s fertility as well.

Next up, what are Carminative herbs?

Erin describes carminative herbs as “a class of herbal medicines that relax and support and sooth the nervous system and the gut.” They’re often used to aid gut health, digestion, and issues like IBS.

Here are the carminative herbs to check out:

Ginger: For calming a nausea, nervous belly, and stimulating appetite

We prefer to take our ginger in the form of warm tea form as a break from the powders and pill-form supplements. Here’s one of our favorite tea recipes using raw ginger as a base.

Iberogast: For treating IBS and bloating

Erin shared “One of the most common supportive things I use [for IBS] is this formula. It’s a beautiful old school European formula and it’s all herbal.” Iberogast was created in Germany in 1961.


For instant mental relaxation and calming of the nervous system

Calming lavender comes many forms – from balms to roll ons to diffusing oils. We love this face and body lavender mist from Saje – one of our favorite brands. It’s instantly calming. We love to spray a little on our pillow before bed for a super relaxing experience.

For more on plants as medicine, listen to our latest podcast episode with Erin Lovell Verinder where she dives even deeper into the benefits of some of these adaptogens, herbs, and supplements. To work with Erin, reach out to her via her website.

Important Note: When introducing any supplements or herbs, it’s best to see a practitioner first to see what the underlying issue is and what specific regimen makes sense for you. This article is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment.



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