The Antidote to Over-Thinking and Indecision

Our own intuition is a powerful gift that can help make the tough calls (should I quit my job) and the little choices (what should I eat) a lot easier. Harnessing intuition isn’t just for the mediums and mystics – it’s for everyone.

What does it really mean to “tap into your intuition?”

We are so overstimulated, distracted, and inundated with options that it can be easy to lose the connection with our intuitive selves—the part of us that guides us to understand and do what is most aligned for us—without ‘needing’ to seek outside guidance or overthink.  

The holistic psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera (and one of our favorite instagram accounts – seriously follow her) says indecision is a top marker of self-betrayal. She explains that self-betrayal is something we can subconsciously begin as early as childhood, when we are conditioned to betray our authentic self in order to receive love or attention. It can show up later in less obvious ways like indecision. 

In recent years I’ve spent time working with professionals from traditional psychologists to spiritually inclined healers to get my indecision in check. It was manifesting as over-researching and relying too heavily on the guidance of others. Through this work, I started to hear the same message – don’t ask me, ask yourself. This is accessing your own intuition.

By incorporating intuition practices into my life I’ve gotten so much time back, I feel freer, and I understand and know myself better than ever – I can exist comfortably within my own power.

Here are 5 powerful methods I’ve learned to access intuition and get answers:

1. Dream journal

As soon as you wake up, record what you dreamt. Best done written on real paper. Over time, you’ll notice patterns and subconscious cues that will guide you to a deeper understanding of what you need and want.

2. Feel your gut

Pay attention to the way your physical body feels when you think through each scenario or choice you’re trying to decide upon. It can be super subtle but you’ll feel where you’re tapping the right answer.

3. Hand on heart exercise

  1. Put your hand on your heart and say a simple true statement like your name, “My name is [Stefania]” and pay attention to the way that feels
  2. Then, put your hand on your heart and say a simple false statement “My name is [Jane]” 
  3. Notice the difference in body feeling between the two. The false statement will typically feel flat or feel like a lie.  
  4. Ask yourself the real question you have and answer it out loud. If you’re deciding between options, try it for each option.  
  5. Feel whether your response produces the feeling in Step 1 or Step 2. The response that feels into Step 1 is what you are looking for. 

4. Use a pendulum for ‘show me yes, show me no’ exercise

You can pick up a pendulum most anywhere crystals are sold, or use anything with an object attached to the end of a string or chain (like a pocket watch, or even a ring or stone tied to the end of a string).  This exercise draws out your body’s nuanced physical response.

  1. Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand with your non-dominant palm face up a couple of inches underneath it
  2. Ask yourself to ‘show me yes’ and observe the subtle pattern of movement that will appear 
  3. Then, ask to ‘show me no’ and observe this subtle pattern of movement
  4. You’ll see two different movement patterns each associated with a different response
  5. Repeat with your real question and observe the movement pattern associated.

5. Get quiet and ask your higher self out loud

This one can feel a little weird the first few times you do it, and the key is to trust yourself. I learned this specific technique from Shaman Durek – its simple and effective.

  1. Turn everything off in your space.
  2. Look toward nature if you can. If you can’t get outside, looking toward a tree or the sky is a good alternative.
  3. Breath, quiet your mind, and ask the question out loud to your highest self. The answer will pop into your head.

Tip: If you’re having trouble with any of these, you can heighten your abilities by limiting mood-altering substances where possible – caffeine, alcohol, even the numbing behavior of TV or social media. The quieter we can get, the more easily we can hear our intuitive self.

Do you have practices for tapping into your own intuition? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

Stefania Romeo

Stefania Romeo

Stefania Romeo is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Stefania led teams and programs at Uber and BuzzFeed. She is currently based in San Francisco, CA.