The New York Guide For Wellness

New York City is an epicenter for self care spots. We’ve rounded up five favorites that we guarantee are worth the hype.

Bloom Skincare

For: a truly excavated glow from the inside

Bloom’s Toni Yue is a true OG of skincare and has been perfecting her method for over 20 years. Her approach focuses on restoring balance with deep extractions, to allow your skin’s natural oils come through. She cleans house like no other, using a tiny lancet needle to clear congestion. She specializes in anti-aging and adult acne—and creating a perfect natural glow.

Source: Bloom Skincare


For: a one stop shop with latest in everything you need to feel amazing

This cavernous, easy-to-miss entry off of Bowery is a true gem. Upstairs is the Alchemist’s Kitchen – a one stop shop for delicious clean eating, and an apothecary for oils, crystals and conscious beauty. Downstairs is a haven for alternative wellness programs including IV drips for a beauty boost or hangover cure, cryo body & facials, infrared saunas, compression and light therapy. A must-visit in New York. 

Source: Kollectiv


For: the fastest way to feel your best, intravenously

NutriDrip is the life-saver we didn’t know we needed. The Nutri-drip team of nurses administer IV cocktails in a cozy setting based on your needs. They have solutions to feeling under the weather – or a full blown flu, hangover cures, skin-glowing beauty boosts and more. The best part is, you’ll feel the IV-administered results almost immediately. And when results mean feeling better from a flu or hangover, that is pretty priceless. 

Source: NutriDrip


For: an elevated detox experience for the mind and body

This infrared sauna experience comes with the works. Infrared heat helps the body to sweat at lower temperatures and penetrates up to three inches deep – which helps us to detoxify more deeply, releasing toxins and supporting healthy skin, weight loss, relaxation, and better sleep. The experience at higher dose includes customizable light therapy, your own private room equipped with your favorite playlist, eucalyptus towels and good vibes. After our first session, we were hooked.  

Source: HigherDose


For: a lifting, toning, haven’t-looked-like-this-in-years facial workout 

We’ve always believed in the power of working out the muscles in the face to do some of the things we might otherwise look to more serious intervention for. We were already fans of the Nuface device, so when we heard about Facegym we had to check it out. The face trainers at Facegym truly work out your face with a combination of signature muscle manipulation techniques and high-tech tools to lift, sculpt, tone & tighten. When we looked in the mirror afterward, we saw our high school selves. 

Source: FaceGym


Deganit Nuur (Nuurvana), Clairvoyant healer and acupuncturist

Nuur is a certified herbalist, acupuncturist, and clairvoyant healer. Her method based on Eastern Philosophy and seeks to integrate the mind, body, and spirit. She is warm, light, and uplifting as she seeks to empower and heal. 

We suggest working with Nuur for: depression, grieving, anxiety, insomnia, pain

Mama Medicine, Shaman, Reiki Master and Yogini

Deborah Hanekamp, known as Mama Medicine, inspires us through her work in sound healing and in showing anyone who crosses her path how to see their own light. We love her work because she empowers you to be your own healer by holding a safe space for people to really see what’s going on inside. She can see energy in the form of colors and helps guide her clients to see their own light as well as the aspects that are holding them back.

We suggest working with Mama Medicine for: clarity, empowerment, growth

Not in NY? Check out top picks for self care in San Francisco and Sydney, and more cities here.

And let us know what other self care spots shouldn’t be missed in the comments below. 

Stefania Romeo

Stefania Romeo

Stefania Romeo is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Stefania led teams and programs at Uber and BuzzFeed. She is currently based in San Francisco, CA.