The Best Healers To Work With From Home

Working with a healer from home is the ultimate self care experience – it opens us up to possibilities we might be distracted from in our “normal” lives and helps us make sense of everything going on in the world.

While around the world we are practicing social distancing or in mandated quarantine, life feels different. To make the most of the very real isolation, boredom, and melancholy we might be feeling, we’re shifting our focus to the ways we can use this space to grow.

We’ve rounded up our favorite healers offering single distance sessions plus the communities and courses we recommend checking out, too.

Book A Distance Session With One Of These Powerful Healers

Here are the healing modalities we suggest along with the healers we’ve personally worked with, offering 1:1 distance sessions.

Energy Clearing and Healing: Tanya Corona

Suggested for: anxiety and depression, life purpose

Tanya does energy alignment as well as ancestral reading and clearing in her distance sessions. You’ll likely learn more about yourself and come away feeling lighter, freer, and more understood. 

Distance sessions start at $144

Hypnotherapy To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind: Julie Rice

Suggested for: anxiety, relationship challenges, fertility

Julie uses hypnotherapy and NLP – a psychological technique that uses thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior – to identify blocks in our subconscious mind and reprogram them in a way that best serves us.

Inquire for pricing

Astrological Chart Reading: Ruby Warrington

Suggested for: Self awareness, life path and purpose

Sober Curious and Mystical Girl, Mystical World author Ruby Warrington is an expert in astrology and tailors the sessions to your chart but also what might be going on in your life. She is relatable, authentic, and makes you feel empowered.

Distance sessions at $175

Shamanic Spiritual Healing: Shaman Durek

Suggested for: physical ailments, empowerment, depression, feeling stuck

A bridge between the physical and the spiritual, Shaman Durek connects to the spirit world and to your own unique energy to promote energetic release and help you discover. The priciest appointment on this list, it’s an investment in yourself.

Distance sessions at $1,000 


Herbalism & Nutrition: Erin Lovell Verinder

Suggested for: digestive health issues, fertility/reproductive health, anxiety 

Herbalist and Plants as Medicine author Erin Lovell Verinder works deeply in one to one sessions to enable clients to bring about profound change for their health and well-being by bridging together herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, energetics & lifestyle changes to decode health and ultimately to support her clients to heal. 

Inquire for pricing

Integrated Psychic Medium Reading + Astrology: Cassandra Joan Butler

Suggested for: life path, connecting those who’ve passed, recognizing we’re not alone

Cassandra has been working with Stefania’s family for years – and using both astrology and her psychic medium gifts – has helped foster connections to loved ones who have passed while helping to shine a light on opportunities and meaning coming from our unique birth charts. She’s an OG in style and spirit. 

Distance sessions starting at $100 (30 min)

Participate In A Healing Or Self Exploration Community

Enrolling in a group course or community is an accessible way to uplevel yourself during this time. These programs all vary in terms of how much interaction exists between members, so you can find what works best for you.

Water Tiger Healing Community, Led by SriMati

“Well I didn’t quite get to me, as I was trying to access the way of another.” Self-proclaimed mystic mother and seeker SriMati wants to make sure none of us end up saying these words as we look back on our lives. She created the Water Tiger community to help us all live in the highest expression of our unique selves. Each month she’s sharing a topic and associated healing techniques along with a live Q&A.

From $33 monthly


Astrology, Money, & Empowerment Courses, By Natalia Benson

This modern mystic shared her powerful insights and lessons with us in the world of astrology and modern mysticism on episode 13 of This Life Explains It All podcast. She offers beautiful online workshops and courses on a number of topics such as manifesting money, self love, and mysticism. 

Single workshops from $59


Kundalini Life Force Academy, Led by Jai Dev 

Kundalini yoga has been incredibly powerful for us in changing our energy and the way we see the world and our place in it. The kundalini practice is known to build resilience, strengthen our auric field, and promote release from what doesn’t serve us. The practice is meant to best prepare and equip us for worldly challenges.

$25 monthly


To Be Magnetic Manifestation Pathway, By Lacy Phillips 

This manifestation program uses a method rooted in psychology and un-blocking the subconscious. Bite-sized hypnoses pair with thought provoking writing exercises to uncover limiting beliefs buried in the subconscious and re-program them in a way that serves you. 

$27 monthly


Uplevel Empowerment Coaching, By Stefania Romeo & Katherine Griffiths

This empowerment program guides you to access your unique power and play bigger. Our method is rooted in accessing your own intuition, energetics, and uncovering purpose to live a life that’s in flow, where things come easy. We incorporate Human Design – your unique blueprint for exchanging energy with the world  – to live your highest life. For career path, life purpose & transitions, relationships, and creating an aligned lifestyle. 

Find out more about working with us here.



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