Our Favorite CBD Beverages, from Brain Fuel to Bubbles

Cannabidiol — more commonly known as CBD — is arguably one of today’s biggest wellness crazes with no signs of slowing down. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD can help with anxiety, sleep and chronic pain, but is a nonpsychoactive — meaning it won’t make you feel high. From bath bombs to bedsheets, mascara, toothpaste and chocolate, the ingredient is popping up everywhere and (at least in the U.S.) it’s totally legal to buy it.

We tested, reviewed, and have rounded up our favorite CBD products in the beverage category because, let’s face it — we needed something fun to drink in dry January!


For an on-the-go option packed with adaptogens

Prima makes a powdered CBD beverage in perfectly portioned packets for on-the-go consumption. Called The Trifecta, it includes three different elixirs: The Go-To, Brain Fuel and Rest Easy. We particularly love the Brain Fuel, which packs in 10mg of CBD and some of our favorite adaptogens (Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Lion’s Mane and Ginkgo) without the bitter aftertaste. Blend it into your morning smoothie or sub it for your afternoon espresso when it’s time to focus.


For a higher CBD dose that can soothe anxiety

Vybes “functional beverages” contain the most CBD per serving of any of the beverages we reviewed, and, with 25mg per bottle, definitely had us feeling the anti-anxiety effects. The flavors are juicy and bright with just the right amount of sweetness, and we loved the Peach Ginger and the Honeycrisp Basil, which basically tastes like an adults-only apple juice.

Lagom Teas

For a sustainable option with a caffeine kick

We love the Lagom brand for their emphasis on sustainability — just two clicks into their website and you’ll find part of their commitment to a supply chain “rooted in environmental consciousness.” But just as important: their tea is delicious! We love the Brighten Moroccan Mint which is blended with green tea for a touch of caffeine alongside 15mg of CBD. Brighten was a great name for this blend, as it definitely had us feeling more alert after a mid-afternoon cup.

Sweet Reason

For crisp bubbles that swap in for La Croix or Veuve

Sweet Reason is a sparkling water CBD beverage that we could sum up as a La Croix with 10mg of CBD benefits. We loved the Strawberry + Lavender, with crisp, refreshing bubbles and a bold yet summer-y flavor of juicy berries and calming lavender. Sweet Reason also pours well into a mocktail: head to their website to find recipes for spirit-free tipples.

What are your favorites? If you’re interested in becoming more “sober curious” check out on Episode 04 of This Life Explains It All with Ruby Warrington, the woman who started it all.

Rachael Dillon

Rachael Dillon

Rachael Dillon is a communications professional and contributor to Virra. As a new mom, she is passionate about health, wellness and nontoxic beauty and household products and is always making new plant-based recipes for her family. Rachael has lived and worked in New York City, Hong Kong and Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she is currently based.
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