Stephanie Kato is a mind+body lymphatic healer and founder of Iyasu healing center (which means “to heal” in Japanese). She believes in connecting the physical with the mental and works with her clients on the mind and body, which has had incredible benefits for her clients. Without acknowledgment and validation of internal emotional stress, people tend to “store” it within the body. Over time, this manifests as an illness in the physical body.

She believes the foundation to all permanent healing is self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. In this conversation, we talk about her method of Colon Hydrotherapy as well as Lymphatic Drainage and about the types of emotions that are stored in the body, and how these methods can be a great method for starting the clearing process.

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Episode Notes

In this episode we explore:

  • Healing through colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage – what they are + and all the benefits
  • How mental and emotional stress manifest as physical symptoms – what pain in different parts of your body link to certain emotions
  • The health impact of stress and overwhelm on working women right now + self-forgiveness
  • A simple practice to ground yourself and relieve stress and anxiety

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Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Katherine led teams and programs at LinkedIn and BuzzFeed. She is a certified Practitioner Coach.