Introducing Virra, A New Guide To Wellness

Virra is the guide for a conscious life. Your resource for real life wellness, healing, conscious products, and experiences that expand beyond the status quo.

A conscious life means living intentionally, informed with the know-how to navigate it all.

Ignited by life’s transitions over the past decade, we’ve become obsessed with and devoted to discovering wellness practices, healing methods, conscious products and experiences that help make life make more sense. 

We realized there wasn’t a modern, digestible, and grounded-in-reality resource to guide us in a comprehensive way, so we created Virra. 

We’re committed to sharing actionable resources and perspective-shifting insights in real conversations with the healers, thought leaders and dreamers behind them – through our podcast, guides, and events series.

We’re thrilled to take you along for the ride.

– Stefania & Kat

The Guides

Find vetted practices, providers, products & experiences coming to you through social, a newsletter that you’ll actually want to read, and our website.

The Podcast

We’re sharing life-changing discoveries and experiences in the world of unconventional wellness, healing, and inspirational journeys with healers, advisors, and entrepreneurs. Check out Virra’s This Life Explains It All podcast here.

Event Series

A community that brings it all to you—conversation and connection with leaders and creators, with our favorite treatments and readings, too. Subscribe for details to our upcoming events near you.



Virra is the guide for a conscious life. Articles published by Virra are collaboratively written by its creators, Stefania Romeo and Katherine Griffiths.

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