How I Learned My Subconscious Mind Was Controlling My Life (And Yours Could Be Too)

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” Carl Jung

Hearing these words by Carl Jung was the first step in opening my eyes to the power of our subconscious mind. 

Our conscious mind is the part of the brain that’s fully aware and responsible for our thoughts and decision making processes. Our subconscious mind is responsible for our feelings, beliefs, and memories that are outside of our awareness. 

While traditional talk therapies typically work with the conscious mind, profound changes can happen when we dig into our subconscious. As I learned more about how it all works, it made sense that I’d seen so many people around me in therapy for years without seeing profound changes. It’s not to say that therapy doesn’t work because it’s absolutely a helpful tool however, incorporating subconscious therapies (like hypnotherapy) along with it can result in major shifts.

Here are the facts that blew my mind: 

1. The Subconscious Mind Controls 95% Of Your Behavior

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to stick to a diet or cut out alcohol, sugar, whatever it is? That’s because 95% of our behaviors are driven from our subconscious mind. In order to change, you have to get to the core of where that behavior originated. For example, the desire for sugar comes from the subconscious mind learning that it makes us feel good so it wants more and it’s hard to change that behavior through will power, which is in the conscious mind. Through hypnosis, you can teach the subconscious mind that making healthy choices has far more benefits.

2. The Subconscious Mind Was The Most Open During The Years of 0-14

These are the years we are in what’s called the theta brain state. This is when your brain is completely open and picking up everything in your environment. This includes: anything our parents said to us, our teachers, our classmates, we were literally sponges absorbing and believing everything. As adults, we move into the beta state and are operating out of our conscious mind BUT 95% of our behavior is still being controlled by our subconscious mind.

3. The Subconscious Mind Has No Sense of What Is Real Or Not

This is good news because it means you can reprogram events that have happened in your past and replace them with things you would have wanted to happen instead through therapies like hypnosis. Here’s an example of how it could play out: As a kid, your parents showed disappointment in you for not getting the A+ when you got an A, or constantly comparing you to your siblings or peers. Now as an adult, the reaction to that messaging can show up at the office in the form of being a perfectionist or comparing yourself to a friend that bought a house when you’re still renting – or a colleague that got the promotion before you.

With the right tools, I was able to face my own subconscious programming, the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. One of my main limiting beliefs was that I didn’t feel ‘good enough,’ which caused me to approach my relationships and career with a lower than ideal self worth. I would keep myself small to stay off the radar so I was less likely to “mess up.” I wanted to change this part of myself so I could live to my full potential.

Here are the tools I’ve been using to shift my life and become more empowered:

Lacey Phillips The Pathway

The Pathway Membership is $24 / month for lifetime access to all of their workshops

Lacy Phillips is a manifestation advisor with a process that’s radically different from the ‘old new age model.’ Instead of manifesting through ‘thinking positive,” she guides you you through deep meditations that bring you into  a hypnotic state and allow you to reprogram anything from the past that comes up today in the form of a trigger. Triggers are the things that cause us to react in a way that doesn’t serve us. For me a big one was feeling anger over being told what to do, doing something I don’t want to do but I’m doing it anyway. Listening to her podcasts and signing up for her courses has made such a positive impact on my life. 

Grace Space Hypnosis

Grace Space Hypnosis recordings are sold separately depending on what you want to focus on. They start at $19 per recording.

This is also a great hypnosis tool and more tailored to specific things like sugar addictions, anxiety, depression, comparing yourself to others. The hypnosis is really soothing and puts me in a deep relaxation. It’s best to do it at times when you are relaxed but awake. I recommend doing the same recording for a minimum of 3 weeks every night before bed. 

Changing your subconscious mind is a process but the results I’ve seen have made me a true believer in the practice. 

Be sure to check out our podcast episode where we go even deeper, Hypnotherapy, Fertility, and Anxiety Relief with Julie Rice, an expert on the subconscious mind and hypnosis.

I’d love to hear your experiences working with the subconscious mind, or if there are areas you’d like to see me dig into further on it in the comments!

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Katherine led teams and programs at LinkedIn and BuzzFeed. She is a certified Practitioner Coach.
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