Meet Katherine Griffiths and Stefania Romeo, founders of Virra, the guide for a conscious life. They were intuitively drawn to change their lives by taking a different approach to understanding and healing their mind, body and spirit, and through Virra are sharing their discoveries.


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The name “This Life Explains It All” was created out of belief that our life experience and reflection on it is our greatest teacher. On this podcast, they are bringing you the insights and lessons that have changed their lives with the thought leaders, healers, and entrepreneurs behind them. Tune into our welcome episode to hear more and subscribe to get a weekly dose of life-changing perspective, in conversation among friends.

We’re right here with you, as we talk about everything from health, career, relationships, and navigating changes to your life path.



Virra is a community connecting women and the practitioners supporting them. To come together. To work together. To heal, to grow, and thrive.
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