Kat and Stefania, creators of Virra, talk about their experiences with the Shaman, Modern Mystic, Hypnotherapist, and Energy Healer: Shaman Durek, Natalia Benson, Julie Rice, and Tanya Corona. They get real about the anxiety, relationship challenges, career crises and health issues that prompted them to seek alternative healing – and how the experiences positively changed how they live and the way they navigate challenges now.


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In this episode, we share insights from our healers on:

  • How challenges in our relationships are often mirrors to help us grow. We attract what we subconsciously put out.
  • How traumas our ancestors experienced can still be processing in our bodies today
  • Using language as an empowerment tool – the words you choose matter
  • How we create our unique life experience based on the energy and belief system we project into the world

To learn more about the healers we discuss, check out:

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Check out our guide to healers article, where we break down which healers to work with based on your goals.



Virra is a community connecting women and the practitioners supporting them. To come together. To work together. To heal, to grow, and thrive.
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