Episode FIFTY is live! For this special episode, we welcome back our resident astrologer and guide, Cassandra Joan Butler. She is taking us through what to expect next in both our public and our internal lives according to astrology as we look ahead to the next few months.

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Episode Notes

In this enlightening and hopeful conversation we cover:

  • When we can expect some return to normalcy from an astrological perspective
  • How we’ll begin to heal from all the separation we’ve experienced in our country based on the US’s chart
  • Why the shadow self might be getting activated right now, and what might be causing any emotional “highs and lows”
  • A hopeful 2021 and how that year looks to be very different from 2020
  • Much more!

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Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Katherine led teams and programs at LinkedIn and BuzzFeed. She is a certified Practitioner Coach.

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