Meghan Wallace James is an LA-based Feng Shui consultant with a modern take on the practice. This week on the podcast, she’s teaching us how to use Feng Shui to create abundance, love, and alignment – all through how we set up and position items in our space. She shares the big ideas and the simple steps we can all take in our homes (for example: did you know that where you place your mirrors can have a big impact on your relationship?).⁠

We talk about everything from how to set up the ultimate workspace to how to set up your bedroom for optimal relationship dynamics and so much more.⁠

Plus Meghan shares her personal journey to this work (she’s fabulous and we loved chatting with her).

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we’re talking to Megan about:

  • Small tweaks you can make to your home now that will help put your life in more alignment 
  • What to do with mirrors and why it’s important to strategically place them in your home 
  • Setting up the bedroom for calling in love and improving your relationship
  • How to set up the ultimate work from home space 
  • And so much more! 

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Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Katherine led teams and programs at LinkedIn and BuzzFeed. She is a certified Practitioner Coach.
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