We’re talking to the one and only Julie Piatt aka “SriMati.” She is a creator and entrepreneur who does things her own way.

Her perspective is so uplifting – she shares her expansive life journey and talks about how we can unfold our unique life blueprint to live our highest and most fulfilled – there is meaning and purpose in what we experience, even the really tough stuff.

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Episode Notes:

  • Love and relationships – what is divine love versus human love – and how do we actually have a relationship without expectations?
  • How letting go of trying to change or control another is where freedom comes from and she shares her own story about what happened when she did that with her own partner 
  • Uncovering the limitless possibilities and identities we can embrace in our lives and she talks about her exploration and success in totally diverse careers and ventures
  • Motherhood, unschooling and allowing children to be our teachers 
  • She shares a fascinating insight – If you spot it, you’ve got it. And that’s also for judgement.

How To Get In Touch With Julie:

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Water Tiger Community

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