We’re talking to Adam Jacobs, a different kind of founder who is committed to aligning work to meaning and purpose. Adam co-founded the Iconic back in 2011 – changing the e-commerce game in Australia. Now his new venture, Hatch is creating the future of work. Adam is sharing the personal transformations he’s experienced through his career journey. In this interview, Adam gets into the realities of taking a leap of faith in career, starting your own business, and shares advice for how and when to take the first step.

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Episode Notes:

  • Identifying the real reason you might want to make a career change or start something of your own 
  • How to navigate being told “no” or that something you imagine is impossible
  • How the rules can be set by anyone willing to do the work to figure out a new way
  • The difference between starting a business because you want to be an entrepreneur and starting one because there is a problem to solve 
  • How career highs and personal lows have prompted meaningful growth and awareness

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