Ep 10: The Energetics Of Healing Heartbreak, Career Pivoting, And Living In Authenticity With Sushma Sagar

We’re talking to Sushma Sagar, founder of The Calmery in London, a brand with a different take on energy healing. Sushma had a successful career in fashion – with roles at some of the biggest brands. Despite her success, she kept running into signs telling her to change career paths and embrace the energetic gifts she had denied – the signs kept getting louder and louder.

A personal life rock bottom – in her case – a very painful breakup – led her to seek out alternative healing to understand and move through it. This experience helped to set her on the path to change her career and build something new – thus she founded The Calmery. Her vision is to demystify energy healing and make it more accessible, something that we do in our every day. She brings beauty, design, and a luxury element to the space that is uniquely hers.

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Episode Notes:

  • How life’s rock bottoms can be our greatest gifts
  • The steps to moving through a painful breakup with grace
  • How to both recognize and navigate around shame and fear that can come with making a big life change – giving up what looks great on the outside – in her case her high-powered fashion career – for a life filled with more meaning.

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