Ep 09: Lucid Dreaming With Ben Mackinnon: How To Change Your Life While You Sleep

We’re talking to Ben Mackinnon – an expert on dreams and specifically lucid dreaming. Ben spent years as a registered nurse specializing in mental health issues – like anxiety, depression and PTSD – alongside his work in healthcare he’s devoted himself to studying and teaching yogic practice rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.

He’s developed a method for leveraging and working with our dream states to improve our waking lives.

Ben’s work brings together both the science and psychology of our dream states – along with consideration to the more ancient reverence for the meaning of dreams.

Ben helps people all over the world use lucid dreaming for stress reduction, improved mental health, and self-exploration.

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Episode Notes:

  • Why our dreams are so important, and what they can tell us about ourselves
  • How to use our dreams as roadmaps to unlocking subconscious blocks and desires
  • The meaning of dreams – from nightmares and fear to premonition or recurring dreams
  • The steps to use take to enhance and manipulate your dream experience to improve your intuition, your ability to recall your dreams, and understand patterns that you can apply to your life

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