Ep 03: Soul Groups and Past Lives, Healing Body Trauma, and Crystal Therapy with Tanya Corona

Tanya Corona is an expert in energy healing and clearing, crystal and sound therapy. She has a gift for accessing information about our ancestral lines – both those that are passed down through our DNA and those she believes are from our soul’s other lives. Tanya has been featured in publications like Goop, and is known as the go-to for this type of healing work in San Francisco – she works with people everywhere with her distance sessions.


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In this episode, we talk to Tanya about:

  • Using crystals to eliminate jet lag
  • Soul groups and soul families – how we choose our parents and the lessons we want before we come into the world
  • Why we don’t remember our past lives
  • How energy can create physical ailments in the body and what to do about it
  • What it means if you’re finding yourself waking up at the same time each night
  • Where your stomach pains might actually be coming from
  • Plus there’s a special grounding meditation in the last few minutes

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