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Virra helps companies and individuals explore the intersection of work and wellness through programming that fosters engaged, resilient teams, improved productivity, and interconnectedness. 

Our clients have included LinkedIn, Uber, and others on the forefront of supporting women at work. 

Workplace Wellness Workshops

Virra connects companies and teams with coaches and leading wellness practitioners, with custom programs that bring empowerment and wellbeing into your workforce. Programs are designed to help your teams handle stress, re-charge, and boost confidence and morale, so you have productive, happy employees.

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The workshop “How To Stress Less and Get More Done” addressed the increasing need from employees to learn tactics that can help them find balance in their work day, especially important since COVID has caused our work and home to collide. Themes such as how to set boundaries and personal well being were addressed in a fun and engaging way. We all left the session with tangible ways each of us could improve our mental, emotional and physical well-being while being as productive in our work and in our personal life.

To prepare for the session Stefania and Katherine took time to understand my goals, business goals and the needs of the team, and produced content which addressed all of this in an engaging and interactive way. 

I highly recommend them and would love to work with them again.

-Lou Wilson, LinkedIn (Head Of New Business, Marketing Solutions)

I wanted to personally thank you for the session last night. It was incredibly inspiring and helpful. This morning I did some of the journal prompts that you suggested and they really helped provide some clarity. I also ended up breaking down the work I need to do into “classes” and then further into weekly assignments and it is so simple but I feel like my mind is blown a little. So helpful.” Emily, San Francisco

“Thank you SO much for the Human Design Archetypes workshop. It really helped me understand where I have conditioning to work through and where I’m not listening to myself and what I really want. I started implementing some of the tactics at work this week and I already feel so much less stressed and more productive.” Mary, San Francisco


“I came to Stefania during a period when I found myself stuck in a rut after trying but failing to pull myself back on track. Within our first session, Stefania was able to collect all the pieces in my life that felt misaligned and arrange them into meaningful themes that validated how I had been feeling. Armed with these insights, we worked together on a roadmap to help me own my power. Throughout the 10-week period, I’ve learned to establish boundaries, to leverage tactical strategies to navigate tricky work situations, and most importantly to live in alignment with my innate strengths. Stefania is a keen observer and has a knack for identifying the blind spots that are holding you back. Within the sessions, we weaved through conversations about both work and life issues – because as I’ve learned, it’s all connected. The most notable difference I’ve found is my revived excitement for the day when I wake up in the morning. I can’t recommend investing in Stefania enough and am excited to continue to work with her.” Rising Exec, Ad Tech

“Hiring Stefania as a coach is one of the best investments I have made. After taking part in one of Stefania’s group sessions I was struck by her intuition and ability to translate abstract concepts into actionable steps. I signed up for a 10-week program the same day. I am currently entering my third month of private coaching and the effects have been profound: Stefania’s holistic, intuitive approach, combined with her business acumen and professional experience have enabled me to uplevel my business, streamline my future goals, and develop the confidence I needed to own my place as a leader in a competitive retail field. I intend to continue working with Stefania indefinitely, and highly recommend her work to anybody seeking to grow as an individual both personally and professionally.” Founder, E-Commerce