Our Favorite CBD Beverages, from Brain Fuel to Bubbles

Cannabidiol — more commonly known as CBD — is arguably one of today’s biggest wellness crazes with no signs of slowing down. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD can help with anxiety, sleep and chronic pain, but is a nonpsychoactive — meaning it won’t make you feel high. From bath bombs to bedsheets, mascara, toothpaste and chocolate, the ingredient is popping up everywhere and (at least in the U.S.) it’s totally legal to buy it.

Skincare Secrets From A Beauty OG, Toni Yue

In a world of constant-evolving skincare trends and products, we sat down with this OG to get back to basics on what really works – on everything from her hero product, the right way to treat a blemish, her #1 tip for healthy skin at any age – and her honest take on all the facial oils we’re seeing now.