Virra is the guide for a conscious life. We are a resource for modern wellness, coaching, and experiences that expand beyond the status quo.

We serve those intent living fulfilled and empowered by sharing resources and information that can open our minds, that recognizes we are capable of anything – and that it can all be fun. 

What’s our Story?

Virra was created by best friends Stefania Romeo and Katherine Griffiths – who were intuitively drawn to change their lives by taking a different approach to understanding and healing their minds and bodies. They created Virra to share their ongoing discoveries with the world and to create the kind of community that we all crave.

The name Virra is a merging of Stefania and Katherine’s moon signs, the sign that represents who we all are at our most authentic selves.

Katherine Griffiths

Katherine is a certified Practitioner Coach with a passion for discovering and testing the latest in self-development modalities to better her own life and help others. She empowers others by holding space in a non-judgmental way, to share challenges and be fully open. She’s the go-to for advice and is a quintessential old soul – wise beyond her years. 

Kat was the 19th employee at BuzzFeed where she’s spent her career leading and developing teams – a role that led her to move across the world from New York to Sydney to start up the business for the APAC market. 

Katherine is a Scorpio sun, Libra moon, and Cancer rising – which means she has a high bar for authenticity in herself and others, is highly intuitive, and can see the shades of gray – all sides – of any situation. 

Stefania Romeo

Stefania is a Leadership Coach based in San Francisco. She focuses on leadership development – utilizing her unique coaching method – and also incorporates Human Design, intuition techniques and energetics to help others achieve in career and life. 

Her background is in developing teams and people at industry-defining companies including Uber, BuzzFeed and in early-stage Tech. She’s skilled at leading through coaching – uncovering blocks we don’t realize are holding us back so that we can have what we want, and have it easy and in flow. 

Stefania is a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon and Cancer rising – which makes her an ambitious, goal-focused truth-seeker who revels in research and the facts – while also enjoying the more luxe comforts of modern life.