Dr. Lara Briden is a world-renowned holistic MD and the author of The Period Repair Manual. A true thought leader and expert on women’s health, we are talking to Dr. Lara about it ALL. Perhaps the conversation can be best summed up in these words as we cover: When it comes to your cycle, your hormones, and your fertility – what’s normal and what’s not? So then, what can we do?

She opened our eyes to help us understand how and why some of what we might consider “normal” pain, mood fluctuation, birth control practices – are not normal at all and could be causing longer term harm. Not to worry – she shares how to understand what might be going on and how to bring our bodies into balance and ease.

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we’re talking to Lara about:

  • How period health is related to our overall health and how gut health is a big part of that too
  • What you may not know about the later-effects of birth control and what it can do to our fertility later on in life
  • Common diagnoses like PCOS, Endometriosis, PMDD and what they are actually telling us
  • Fertility issues and how to work on resolving them naturally, plus how much of it is really a male issue
  • Lara’s take on fertility treatments like IVF, egg freezing, and more

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Stefania Romeo

Stefania Romeo

Stefania Romeo is the co-founder of Virra and co-host of the ’This Life Explains It All’ podcast. Prior, Stefania led teams and programs at Uber and BuzzFeed. She is currently based in San Francisco, CA.